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EcoSunTec 3 Way Infrared Heaters
The world's most advanced infrared heaters!
New EcoSunTec Infrared Heaters
The EcoSunTec Moist Air Purifying  Infrared  Heaters are the finest NEW advanced  heaters using Infrared Technology, the power of the sun to heat your home. As well as using the infrared heating science, this infrared heater uses humidity to increase the efficiency of heat distribution. Scientific studies show that Infrared heat is dispersed most efficiently in water vapor. This infrared heater combines Infrared heat and a vapor mist to increase the body's sensory temperature much like a tropical island, providing you with a comfortable sensation of warmth.

This new EcoSunTec Moist Infrared Heaters add a micro burst of water vapor every two minutes into the path of the Infrared Positive Thermal Coefficient  Ceramic Heating Element creating an Ecoshpere of Tropical  comfort and while minimizing heating cost.

This complementary patent pending action of the mist vaporizer in conjunction with the space age heating Infrared
PTC Ceramic Element dramatically increases the efficient heat distribution producing a superior balance of therapeutic comfort and efficiency with an unbeatable decrease in heating cost. Yes, save money on your heating bills!

This patent pending infrared heaters technology creates a new level of therapeutic comfort beneficial for your entire household comfort and budget. The elderly find the most dramatic levels of comfort from this new patented infrared heater technology. Children play with more comfort safely than ever with in the ecosphere provided by this new patent pending  infrared  heater technology. The best of all infrared heaters on the market today.
Ecological and economical EcoSunTec has created the best infrared heater on the market today.
The superior technology and efficiency of the EcoSunTec IMAP-1000 3 Way Moist Air Purifying
Infrared Heaters will save you money.
Patent Pending
Ecosphere heating will save you up to 40% on heating bills by allowing you to be comfortable without having to heat the  areas of your home that you usually heat with your energy consuming central heating system. With our EcoSunTec Infrared Heaters, you can enjoy safe and healthy infrared heat in the areas of your home you use most often. The EcoSunTec Infrared Heater heats up to 1000 square feet. Make your room into an Ecoshpere today. If you could save hundreds of dollars on your heating bill what would you spend it on?
Ecosphere- an atmosphere transformed into an ecological, economical and eco-comfortable zone. An atmosphere in which is it most easy to breathe normally and comfortably.
EcoSunTec infrared heaters are non-polluting, healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient than any other source of conventional heat. The EcoSunTec 3 way infrared heater also purifies the air and kills germs that pass through the special filter with advanced UVc feature. Infrared heat does not have the dangerous effects of UV rays and still provides many of the benefits offered by the sun, Heating with the EcoSunTec infrared heaters do not add pollution your ecosphere or the environment. Plus, the EcoSunTec Infrared Heaters also do not produce the un-healthy positive ions that are so prevalent today. The EcoSunTec Infrared Heaters also offer therapeutic benefits. read more...
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