How the EcoSunTec Infrared Heater
Will Save You Money

   Infrared heat is the most efficient way to turn electrical energy into heat energy. The EcoSunTec Infrared Heater uses FAR infrared, also known as thermal infrared heat, wavelengths to produce heat. Thermal infrared heat waves have the ability to penetrate objects and warm them. As much as 80% of the heat generated by an infrared heater is absorbed by the objects in the room. With conventional furnaces most of the heat ends up of floating around in the air, dissipating through the walls, floors, ceilings and window panes.

   Infrared heat requires 35 to 50% less energy to heat than conventional radiant heat. Infrared heat absorbs in the room just like the sun rather than heating just the air.  With traditional heat sources hot air rises and settles on the ceiling, That would be fine if we lived on the ceiling where it can be as much as 15 degrees warmer than on the floor where we do actually live and sit around. With the EcoSunTec Infrared Heater the heat waves are distributed evenly from the floor to the ceiling creating freedom from cold pockets.